Friday 4 June 2010

too hot

So, I'm not a sun worshipper and this weather drives me crazy, but I realise it drives everyone else to the beach and BBQ pits and wearing clothes they should take advice on. That bit is me by the way. Only, I don't trust advisers. Either they're shop assistants wanting to make a fast buck or kindly friends and relations who want to make the world and everyone in it feel good. Which isn't a bad philosophy, granted, but hopeless when you want the truth and all its carbuncles.

Anyway, it feels like I'm addressing an empty universe, but hello, just in case you're the one star twinkling up there in some nearby galaxy. And if you are twinkling, you might like to know that I have a number of stories with the agent (see how quickly he just becomes the agent and not My Agent or even He) who's very kindly going to trawl through them and find where the next novel might be itching to get out. I've come to the conclusion that running ideas past him might be the best way forward, so though lots of research already done, I may well end up developing something entirely different. So there's a thing!

Meanwhile (still waiting to hear something on the publisher front) I'm writing and sending out to the commercial end of the market, to keep my eye in and to keep the pennies rolling in too and with the aforementioned projects (see last post) life is becoming busy. Like buses, these things all come at once and you can't turn them down.

And don't get me on about gigging! I'm singing so much I've probably got vocal chords like Popeye's biceps.

So excuse the gaps.
I haven't any right now
Good luck to you and to me in all our merry ventures.

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