Sunday 28 July 2013

Author's? Oh Lord.  Give me strength. Way up there with strawberry's and carrot's.
Mea culpa. Slip of the eats shoots and leaves. Or whatever it is. Spell check!  Who needs enemies with friend''''s like you?
Lovely time with Bettina Obrecht who translated Anthem for Jackson Dawes into German, (Heller als ein Stern is the German title) and who delivered the book direct to my door! How nice was that! Great to spend time talking books and writing with one of Germany's better known children's author's. Check her out. Also good music chat with Werner, who was recording the Unthanks for German radio, and blueberry talk with Felix, twelve year old computer whizz and Harry Potter fan.  I can feel a cross-cultural writing, music and blueberry thing happening. Fab.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

So farewell to Wimbledon and slobbing around watching and pretending to work, trying to do my accounts and being a pillar of all that is good. Murray won, as the whole world knows, which is great. As for me and work, well, it still feels as if there's a ceiling down somewhere. Though when you look and see it's been repaired, that excuse is all used up.  Yet my turrets and towers (see very early posts if you don't know what I mean) which collapsed under the rubble and now lie in the middle of the floor, are still there, like leaning things in foreign places. Now and then I move the dust around, trying to decide what to keep and what to throw out, such is the opportunity a collapsing house affords. But I'm there with Jaqueline Wilson. Don't want to throw out any books. Never mind. Writing a short story. Oh, I like those. No. Stop it. Accounts. Accounts. Accounts. And I will not be put off by The Ashes. Or the cycling. Or the athletics. Or anything remotely to do with sport. Promise. Bye for now. Must dash.