Tuesday 30 April 2013

So I was doing this book gig, that's what I call them, which in schools is a bit about me and my writing, but mostly it's about seeing what the pupils are writing and doing a workshop with them. That's the bit I love. However, rather like cutting the ribbon in a bookshop in Gosforth, which was a first, I've never walked into a place where Anthem for Jackson Dawes is displayed on a board the size of a large human, or on glossy bookmarks, or autograph notelets. The librarian who organised it deserves a medal. And the writing produced by the pupils was truly inspiring, as was their enthusiasm and commitment. Cramlington Learning Village. Top marks. 

Thursday 11 April 2013

Been in a few shops over the last months, mainly Waterstones: - Newcastle, Glasgow,  Morpeth, Hexham, off to Durham and Sunderland soon. Which is all lovely. Never opened one before but that's happening soon. A week Friday to be exact. St Oswald's Hospice Book Shop. Fab to be asked. Please support the cause. Meanwhile I'm thinking about book number three. Two ideas bubbling away. Maybe once the ribbon's cut I'll know which way to go. If anyone out there's read Anthem for Jackson Dawes, I hope the experience was OK for you, thanks for taking the time. Out in Australia, America and soon to be in Europe with different titles, different covers. Whoa. I need to lie down.

Sunday 7 April 2013

Said goodbye to all that on Friday night, at the Porthole. Said hello to all that in the van coming home. Music, songs, song writing. Moving from one thing to another. Not that I'm a flighty sort. It's been a few years -and the rest as you'll know-of singing other people's songs. Now it's my turn. So there. Read the saddest thing the other day. The story of the Unknown Warrior. Saddest and most heart peeling of all stories. Read it. Puts all into perspective. Forget Fridays and goodbye-ing to this and hello-ing to that. Life. We need to embrace it and put away, better still, destroy the weapons.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

writing environments

Bad weather disrupts play. So ceiling still in pieces. Scaffolding like some weired cobweb spun against the back wall. Just waiting for the spider to do some damage. What better environment to write in? But today we had sunshine. And who minds spiders, really? Better still, I got draft two finished. Who needs a freezing garret?