Monday 24 June 2013

Could have sworn I posted something on here just last week, but then I could have sworn lots of things only to find that they didn't exist, they didn't happen and they didn't appear. Heck again. Never mind. Draft one of book two has gone off and I await sentence. My mind is swimming. Must write something short to get it back on dry land. Meanwhile, singing is definitely the thing to do. Nice night in Rothbury Roots Club the other evening. Ramon Goose is the business. Look him up. 

Sunday 2 June 2013

Heck. Writing book two is taking its toll on my calendar. I've given it a sound shake (the calendar that is, not the book but believe you me I've wanted to) flipped over a few pages, but still, it won't be May. June already, and here to stay. Resorted to chocolate drops. It's the only way. Lord, now I'm rhymin. Am I regressin? This time next year will I be back on mushin? And then a tiny embryonic flutterin? Stop. I want to get off. Maybe writing book two is just taking its toll. Heck.