Saturday 24 November 2012

in my hand

And here it is, in my hand. Anthem for Jackson Dawes. And instead of jumping about with joy I burst into tears. How is that? Why is that? Don't worry. I'll mop up soon. Promise.

Tuesday 6 November 2012

the heat is on

Once upon a time it felt so long. Since I updated my blog for instance, since I started writing Anthem, since my publishers said yes...Yet, now time's galloping away from me. Anthem is out with reviewers. Nail biting time. They might hate it. The final edits appear to have finished. More nail biting time. Have I got everything right. Have I missed out anything. My friend ordered and bought it for her kindle and that'll be there for her to read on Christmas Day! Between stuffing the turkey and firing the Christmas pud. The hard copy version takes a little longer, January 3, in case you're wondering. There'll be a french version and a German version coming out, it's in Australia from March, and America from May. Whooh. Am I just being a wimp or coming down with something? I need a rest. Just writing this has caused me to wobble.  The thought of it. But. There's book number two to do, so I can't be self indulgent. Work to be done. I'm beavering away at it, trying to get something down that resembles a novel by the end of November. My deadline. Ah well. I gave up nursing to do this. Any regrets? None.