Monday 25 January 2010

More mystery?

Thanks to Hollie for being the first to write down her thoughts on the beginning chapters of my novel, and for posting them. Hollie would like more mystery (and you can see the rest of her thoughts by clicking on the comments under my last post).

For those of you reading it too, perhaps you can suggest how to inject more mystery into it. Or maybe there's enough in it for you. Let me know. I'd be really delighted to know what you think.

Hollie also mentioned that some of the words were a bit hard. Probably they are. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe they make the reader have to think. On the other hand they might get in the way of the story. I hope not.

Getting the balance right is key to this, but the reading group holds the answer I'm sure, so keep posting, keep letting me know.

And if after reading and commenting on these chapters you want to read something completely different then let me know and I'll send it out to you.

Wednesday 20 January 2010

other people writing

I'm buried in stories, not snow (for a change) but it feels much the same. Holed up for the winter, sifting through hundreds for a competition. So other stuff on hold for now, including redraft of novel. Not long to go. Boggle eyed, boggle brained. Hanging on in.

Sent out to another bunch of young readers and writers the first few chapters of novel number two, encouraging a kind of virtual reading group. Might take off. Might not. Same initiative in local high school under negotiation. Watch this space.

Chatted with someone who knows about radio. Feel more than enthused to get back in the saddle. More on that later. I can feel an adaptation coming on.

Wednesday 6 January 2010

the sky at night

Don't know why I should spend hour upon hour awake when I'd rather be asleep, but I have noticed that while the snow lies on the ground the night sky glows yellow. Has anyone else seen that? Is the snow reflecting off the sky, or the sky reflecting off the snow? Either way, it's yellow. Come the dawn, blue sky nudges its way through, just normal everyday blue sky, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

I haven't seen a dark night in weeks.

And soon a very brave school-based readers group are about to take on the first three chapters of both novels and report back on this blog. Young reviewers, who, I have no doubt, will be brutally honest, I applaud you and await my fate.

Sunday 3 January 2010

Happy twenty ten

So here it is, a new year and a crisp new calendar on the wall. I'm going to wish everyone good luck in their ventures over this next year, and if I'm allowed to wish myself good luck then consider it done. Two novels and a picture book text now sitting with an agent who, after he's finished eating leftovers, might give them a look. Good luck, little old me.

Just had a thought, if we didn't correct typos, what sort of new language would develop. I'm pretty certain that many of the same errors crop up with everyone who types.

What say you?