Wednesday 20 January 2010

other people writing

I'm buried in stories, not snow (for a change) but it feels much the same. Holed up for the winter, sifting through hundreds for a competition. So other stuff on hold for now, including redraft of novel. Not long to go. Boggle eyed, boggle brained. Hanging on in.

Sent out to another bunch of young readers and writers the first few chapters of novel number two, encouraging a kind of virtual reading group. Might take off. Might not. Same initiative in local high school under negotiation. Watch this space.

Chatted with someone who knows about radio. Feel more than enthused to get back in the saddle. More on that later. I can feel an adaptation coming on.


  1. The first 3 chapters of the culling were very discriptive. Some of the words were very hard to understand. I would have liked more mystery.
    from Hollie

  2. I have just read the first three chapters of the culling. I am really wanting to know what happened to the uncle that lived on the island, I also wondered at the start if the uncle and Luke were the same person or not. I thought the description was good as well.I sounded like st.marys island which I liked as well. I think I can picture what Charlie looks like also. He sounds like a Year 8 boy at my school that gets told off all of the time. Understood most of the words but I had to find out what 'Ritual' ment. Would like to read the rest of the book.
    Thanks Jenny xx

  3. HI Jenny and HOllie

    well my other book seems to be finished (perhaps a very little sentence change left to do) and will soon be going round the publishers and hopefull yone of them wil want to print it. So maybe I can concentrate on The Culling. I'm writing this post in April so it's been a long time since you posted your comments, but I'm only learning how to blog, myself, so please accept my apology, though I did kind of give an answer in my blog. But anyway, if you get this, let me know.