Tuesday 28 February 2012


What a lot going on! I can't move for spinning. Recording the band, a couple of songs a week, which mean the kitchen's taken over, once again, by amps and wires and now a sound engineer; and coffee pots and meals for rounded carnivores and stick-like vegans (there's possibly something in that, but I'm not giving up dead fauna just so that I can look like a wire) and we now have a cat flap. Don't ask. Cats are not welcome in our house, they eat birds and cause allergies to those nearest and dearest to me, but it is to do with music. And multi cores. Meanwhile I'm researching pits, ponies and Flanders' fields, hoping that we can come to some agreement on which book I should write as novel number two. Meanwhile novel number one is being copy edited. Soon, oh let it be soon, we'll be looking at book covers. Whoopee! Excited? Me? Hold me down with a pitchfork before I fly away on it! Meanwhile the magazine I write for has been bitten by the financial situation and so we have to take a cut for our stories. Heck. Come on you money-laden people in high finance/high government give us a break. Off to flex some muscle at the gym, chisel off a few kilos and think about more important things in life, like babies.

Monday 6 February 2012

Hot Aitch two oh

Water. Hot. Hotter than ever. Brilliant.
One happy dude.