Saturday 30 November 2013

Two posts in as many days, but Christmas is coming, it's a bright, crisp day and my friend and translator Bettina Obrecht  has just sent me a tidy pile of her books for children. So here I am. No, I don't read or speak German, but my aim is to try, so that I can read these stories. It's a sign, I reckon. Besides, the pics look good. So haul out the German dictionary, work out what the words mean and  piece together the plots. Sounds easy.  Hmm. My cousins are great linguists. So what happened to this side of the family? We came from the same root, yet languages were never our thing. A smattering is all. A very light smattering. OK. That's probably overestimating things. Nearer zilch in the lingo stakes. Hey ho. Obviously our talents lie elsewhere. Anybody find them, let me know. Auf wiedersehen.

Thursday 28 November 2013

Spent the weekend in Islay, writing. Fab. Sunshine. Mild breezes, splendid sunsets and the Port Charlotte Hotel, which didn't seem to mind me sitting in corners writing. Lots done. Thank goodness.
Synopsis for part 2 off to Ellen. Fingers crossed. Now to finish a long short story and earn some money while I wait! Ah the life of a writer. Oh and the new CD is out. Links. That's the name. And it's the Celia Bryce Band, if you want to have a look at our facebook site and have a listen, of course.

Saturday 2 November 2013

This is the exciting time.  This, right now! I have notes from Ellen, my editor. They're going to help me flesh out the bones of the plot for novel number two. It's amazing how much you need to write before the real story emerges. For me anyway. I'm sure people who've been writing novels forever can just do it. Maybe not. But I haven't been writing novels forever.  Most of my research has gone into the current draft which is all well and good, if I want you to read my research findings. I don't. You wouldn't see the wood for the trees, the bones for the fat. The real story's buried underneath it all. So let the trimming begin. Let the real characters emerge.  And when it's done, then you can read it. Wish me luck!