Sunday 16 May 2010

the new novel

So He says, time to go round the publishers with Megan (real title's a secret, so keep your eyes peeled). Anyway, with a hey and a ho, the first one fell off her bike and is still recovering, though, I hasten to add, she wasn't reading Megan at the time, and in deference to her health He may have thought better of it, as half the book is set in hospital... So one down, and however many to go. Let' s hope they all don't have mishaps. In the meantime, He says, because it's a bit of a waiting game, I should get going on the next, trickier novel. Which in fact could be a new one if he doesn't go for the second, which is probably sitting under a pile of other attachments. And what about the picture book I hear you ask (as if there's anyone actually reading this and remembers...) Well, who knows. I do know that the injured publisher covers a whole range of age groups so maybe if she gets to know and love me (hm mm) she'll be kind enough to read about P&F. So here I am, at the research point for book number three, which was in fact a radio play of mine which I've always thought could be just bigger. So I'm looking for areas to make it bigger, hence the research. Obviously not right now. Right now I'm writing this because I've been SO busy. Won't bore you with details. And will be getting busier. Got a few extra things to do over the next couple of weeks, two new writing workshops, a school visit to have a nice time with fairy tales, storytelling and songs, and a lecture to give on Singing for the Brain. That's the 57 varieties of me. I'll have to brush up on the old anatomy and at least give an impression that I know something about the brain. I do know about singing, and how it's better than chocolate, which is a start anyway. So lots to do. People to see. Time's money, and all that. Where do these sayings come from?

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