Monday 7 June 2010

Is is a sackable offence

So this morning, I did my usual Monday thing which is leading a group of ladies in song, me and my guitar. I left my car, as usual, on the street outside where an awful lot of work seemed to be going on. Wagons everywhere, from graffiti busters to tree fellers and everything in between, or so it seemed. Towards the end of the session a man came in looking worried. 'Whose is the silver car, parked outside?' Well that would be mine. 'The tree people have left it in a bit of a mess.' I imagined a great oak or something languishing on my bonnet and prepared myself. 'I've got to go,' he said, 'but I can give it a clean if you want.' He sounded quite doleful, as if the weight of the world were on his shoulders, and my car, but, I was hopeful, not a badly felled tree. 'I'll come out and see if it's mine, but...' I couldn't finish before he was out the door. So off I toddled after him. 'You see...' I tried again, 'I park my car under trees at home and it's probably that...' His hand shot to his mouth in dismay and apologies. 'So it's probably just my car,' I said, trying to ease the man's embarrassment. 'Well I can spray it anyway, if you want. Will I?' he said
'...lovely...thanks...' Singing over, and back at my car, what a shining, beautiful, specimen, as if a team of people had been at it, instead of one graffiti buster. Someone then said I should have given him the keys to do the inside too. I'm not sure what she was referring to. The inside of my car is as tidy as my office and desk. But I must thank the guy for his worry and kindness, though I daren't say who he worked for, he might be sacked for being nice. Hope he's there next week...

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