Wednesday 21 April 2010

typo apology

They're the bane of everyone's life, I know. Typos. So, sorry. But as I've said before you could write a book in typo-speak, because I'm sure the smae ones turn up allthe time.

See what I eman?

I won't insult by translating. You can guess what I mean. But isn't that part of the problem? We can read typos, and get the gist of things anyway. So why bother correcting?

Beucas it looks wrong. Desn't it?



  1. Hi, Celia. I just found your comment on my post on the MNW blog. How lovely that you have an agent! Do you still write short stories? Do let me know.

  2. Thanks to Frances for posting a comment. And the answer is yes, I'm still writing short stories and probably always will. I like them, though they take me some time to do because I like to sit on them for a little while to let them grow. When I do that, they invariably shift angles, just slightly, but it's usually a positive shift. And I'm restricting myself to Women's Weekly because I like what they're trying to do with their fiction.
    Not sure how replies to posts work, but let's hope this gets to Frances!

  3. Got it, Celia! And I'm glad you're still writing the short stories. I gave up as I don't seem to have what W Weekly want any more (and I have a WIP to concentrate on...)

  4. HI Frances,

    I tried serials once. Wrote two and I thought they were ok, but they didn't work for WW. So stickign to stories and try to get out half a dozen a year. Not alway succeeding and not always accepted. Not a very good work rate but novel writing is eating up the time.

    So does this actually show up on your MNW blog? If it does then I'm so amazed!

  5. Does what show on my blog (I have my own as well as the MNW one - not sure which you mean)? Re magazine stories, I rarely try these days, as I too have an agent (wonderful, isn't it!) and she's anxious for the first draft of the current novel. I'm not good at deadlines, so there's a bit of pressure there. I too failed at the serials. Just didn't seem to get them right. Did you have BB (better be careful about names on the internet!) as agent for your stories?

  6. The mechanics of blogging! My question is, where do you read this? On my blog, or does it wing its way by magic somewhere else? Daft question but I'll freely admit that this is a new world to me, and I'm very slow. I've spent the last half hour answering posts from September onwards...

    Re:story agents I won a ME competition and the prize was a nice cheque and representation by them. Actually, we didn't do very well,my stories didn't fit their ideas of a good commercial piece and I sold more by myself. BB did come into the picture through a friend, and that didn't work so well either. I've never quite fitted the box when it comes to magazine writing, though WW have always been willing to ease open the sides to allow me through! Thank you WW.

    I've now finished my drafting and the agent's off to seek a contract. He asked me if I had any preferences, so I gave him a list...

  7. When someone posts a comment on your blog, that's where it appears. Nowhere else (I never thought I'd be in a position to tell anyone else how anything computer-related works!). I belong to 2 blogs - my own and the MNW one. But as you have gathered, I spend (waste?) a certian amount ot time drifiting round other people's...I hope that helps!