Tuesday 20 April 2010


So here I am, with My Agent (it'll wear off this need to call him that, but while it's still aglow, allow me, please) almost as happy with Megan's story as he can be. Just sent him the redraft, the little quick fixes, the slightly larger fixes, all done, hopefully to his satisfaction. And you know, it still makes me cry just a bit, after this long time slogging away at it.
So what does that mean exactly? That I'm an emotionally hopeless baggage, and let's face it Bambi still make me cry, or that I haven't lost my abiity to feel inte the editorial cut and thrust? Who knows.

Thinking of other projects now. So many stories to tell. And apparently the picture
book market is breathing again. The phoenix has risen, the resuscitation was successful. At least that's the rumour. I'm watching the space, thinking in pictures and rewrites.

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