Wednesday 28 April 2010

the mist clears

I will never claim to know about computers. I will never claim that I can help other people know about computers, but I have made a discovery, and it's only taken since...well...since September, possibly October...It means that when someone posts a comment, I can actually post one back. No it isn't rocket science; it's probably a no brainer (I hate these hackneyed phrases) and a three year old could have told me this. Yes, well a three year old didn't. OK?

So those of you who've commented (you're a small, select group, right now, and can always say that you were one of the first) can look forward to a posting of mine to answers yours and though a few months late, remember patience is a virtue and greatness, or something, comes to those who wait, and well you must know what I mean.
What I haven't yet ascertained, is this: when I post a return comment, does it show up anywhere else, other than my blog. That's still a mystery. Yet life would be boring if such mysteries didn't exist.

By the by, Megan is about to be trawled around the publishers. He-who-shall-not-be-named quite-yet asked me if I had any preferences. Silly man. Preferences! Well of course I have preferences! Six to be exact. I gave him the list (one that's been prepared for some time now, rather like the funeral arrangements for a Royal), all highly reputed publishing houses, with reasons why I like them (I won't bore you with names, anyone who knows anything will know who I mean ) and I expect he's out there right now. I also added that, probably, my preference would lie with the publisher who agrees to take me on, but it was in small letters, he'd hardly have noticed it. Think big, think wild, in these circumstances, and imagine that it's their loss, not mine, when they say no. That's my motto. Though if that was in Latin it might not flow so well.
Any translators out there, please feel free.

And now, back to answering comments.

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