Tuesday 15 December 2009


It was Christmas lunch with the writing group today. Everyone threw in their last pound and stood me a turkey dinner at the Customs House. Thank you, thank you. In return as a sort of reward (double edged, perhaps like an old Gillette razor) I read them PF&L, and forgot to tell them which animals they were (this is a picture book text with no pics), so it was possibly a pointless exercise. Nonetheless they seemed to enjoy it (or they're very good actors) and besides there were a few empty minutes between ordering and receiving Christmas pud, so why not listen to my pointless ramblings? If there's anyone out there actually reading these pointless ramblings, then maybe you're in a similar void between courses. Or don't get out much.

Tomorrow I wear tinkling bell earrings, courtesy of my sisters, and lead the singing group in a rousing chorus of Rudolph rocking around the manger on a starry night in a winter wonderland while mummy's kissing Santa Claus. Or something. All for a good cause.

Soon the spindles will be painted. May be painted. There are 118. Stair carpet comes Friday. But that's another blog.

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