Wednesday 16 December 2009

agent kidding all along

Seismic rewrite not required. Perhaps it was a test. Granddad in teen novel does not have to change to Grandma. Which is a relief. She'd be a pipe smoking, laddette at 97, drinking with the old fishermen and swapping tall stories in the back of a hardware store. Grandmas don't do that sort of thing, do they?

Meanwhile, responses are trickling in from my young readers who've been condemned to commenting on the first three chapters of novel number two. So far I've had: it's good (in a surprised sort of tone) but... ah here it is... some of the words are difficult.

OK. Not so bad. Good to know. I'll take a look and fix it.

Thank you, young readers. LOL


  1. Wow! it must be hard trying to find an agent. i've writen loads of short stories, though i don't think any of them could be published... do you reckon you could give me any hints?

  2. finally i can post a comment! was there something wrong with the website? love the blogs btw. when can i get a hold of your book? good luck with the agent x

  3. They're like hens' teeth and this isn't the first time I've tried to find one. So fingers crossed. And yes, Poppy, this is me getting back to you a good few months late, Sorry. Just discovering blog. It's a new world.

    And now I have an agent who's taken my novel around publishers, probably as I write this! So more excitement and not a tinge of, fear, perhaps.