Tuesday 15 December 2009


This is how it goes. So, rather prestigious agent likes teen novel ...and life is a rose garden...but suggests rewrite...ah, well...of course. Life is more a weed patch, on further investigation. It's to be expected. Agents are like that. Aren't they? Rather like the medicine for something unmentionable, it has to be swallowed.

Actually, it's not just a rewrite, more a seismic shift. Say it quickly and it doesn't sound so bad.

Here's the thing. Do I go with my instincts and aim for the the slight tremor of a rewrite and risk being ditched before I even get there, or go the whole world shaking way of the agent and risk being ditched cos it's not quite right?

Is there anyone out there who cares an iota?

I have three things floating around. Two novels and a picture book text. I must be barking.

Get your postcards out folks, and give me your answer, do.

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