Tuesday 18 November 2014

Back from a fab trip to China. Lots of pics. Just trying to transfer them from my seriously arthritic lap top to my main computer. All sorts of lights flashing, things moving sedately across the little Copying box in the left hand corner. A road of green blocks seems to be taking a worrisome amount of time to complete. Hope the memory stick's up to this. Being a technological Luddite I'm finding the whole thing a bit nerve shredding. Could have written novel number three in the time this is taking...  Serves me right for liking my digital camera so much. It's turned me into someone who can actually take a photograph, so not to spurn the gift I tend to click rather more than is good for me. So now the stick is full and not all the pics have copied. Operation to transfer and delete. Seems to be OK. 55 seconds to go  and whoopee doo! All done. Now to sort them. I may be some time. Anyway thanks for dropping by. Just to let you know on the writing front, second novel awaiting agent's approval and third one underway. I'll keep you posted on that as well as what's happens on the music front. A few gigs coming up, change in band personnel and different slant on the songs. Heck. I notice my desk has something growing on it. Only been home a week. Orderliness is so boring, don't you think?

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