Tuesday 7 October 2014

People will stand amazed. And I ought to take pictures, not of their amazement, but of my desk, to prove that it is... how can I say this without sounding like an excessive swellhead... transformed. I can see clearly now the junk has gone. I can see all obstacles have been moved. Yes sirree! It's a bright, bright, sunshiny place to work now. A monumental task. Took a whole weekend. But worth it.  Just as well. Reading my previous blog and the omission of the word life from it, making the sentence it should have been in read rather oddly,  just shows how editing my own writing is a task and a half. You think it's perfect (or as perfect as it ever can be) but Lo and Behold, once it's published, the errors leap out almost smirkily. Editing my desk is a whole lot easier. On the song front, a bit more recording last night of May Day 1916. That song. That song. When it's all done we'll let you hear it, one way or another. I'll keep you posted.

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