Tuesday 7 August 2012

new novel on the way?

Early Wednesday morning. The sun is shining and I have sent off a first draft for novel number two. Twenty five thousand words or so. It's a hey ho time, it's a wandering about in the dark time, it's a please let them like it time. Just don't know and it kills me. But it was always thus, I suppose. Not just for me but for anyone writing, anyone writing and showing it to somebody else that is. There's the rub. We could all rest easy if we didn't have to run ideas past people, or read out work in writing groups. Of course we want things to be so perfect that there's nothing but adulation and praise and wonderment, but along with that will come the pigs flying merrily past the window. It just doesn't happen. So best not to dream about it!  Not twiddling thumbs while wilting with hope and sunshine though. Writing some short stories to try and earn a crust. Needs must. Anyway, found out a disturbing thing the other day. Doctors, not even student doctors, don't wear white coats anymore. Well knock me down. I should have known that. Fundamental research error on my part. So I may have to strip them off the doctors in Anthem before it goes to press or just hope nobody notices. Ah but I will. And it'll stick out like a sore thumb. There's a lesson in this.   Check, check and check again. Fingers crossed for book two please.

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  1. I amsure you'll still find doctors around still wearing their white cloaks. Just walk about any child's dreamsand you'll find one. HAve you looked in hospitals? I'm pretty sure they amble along sterilised corridors clad in white with a stethoscope hanging off their neck and carrying a clipboard. Or is my brain too full of stereotypes?

    PS. I'm sure they'll love it. Cloaks or no cloaks.