Tuesday 19 June 2012

Am I fixated on moles?

And so it goes on. More copy reading, copy editing, making sure that Anthem is as perfect as it can be when it goes to press which is an old fashioned saying from the days when copy did indeed go to press. Gone are the days of tiny metal (probably lead) blocks with their back to front letters, and a mole eyed gent painstakingly fitting them into place, ready for a roll of ink and a press of paper. Not that we don't do painstaking. Lord no. And possibly we are mole eyed at the end of it, because we live and breathe painstaking. Nature of the writing/publishing beast. We have lots of eyes looking at Anthem, letter by letter, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, weeding out the little gremlins, adding, subtracting, changing, until finally, hopefully, we've got it word perfect. And yet, you know, there'll be something.  We'll have missed something. We're only human. So forgive us our omissions and trespasses into the land of whoops, missed that. Just read and enjoy. Book your copy. January is just a summer (with all its severity) away. And book two, you may ask? What's happening there. Well I'm writing it. Ten thousand words in. Mind you, I'm four and five thousand words into other ideas too, just in case this isn't the one to follow Anthem. Please let it be the one. I'm up to the eyes in mud, inglorious mud and it's heaven. First draft due soon. Hey ho. No pressure. Tap, tap, tapping away.


  1. glad to see you're back in the bloggosphere. A pleasure reading you once more. Lots of love from Germany!

  2. THanks Alice. Nice to hear from you, my sole friend in this cruel world.Nah. It's not so cruel. But I feel a bit alone, right now, as I write, still not knowing if the powers around me want this book. And I thought it would be a rose garden. Ah well. Would I want anything else? No.
    So hey ho to all of that and I'll drop by your blog soon. Berlin might not happen, by the way. It seems to have been sold. India is now on the publishing roll call. Hmmm. I know less Urdu than German...