Wednesday 30 May 2012

Suddenly Sophie

And while I'm waiting, suddenly (or not quite so) we have Sophie, weighing in at 7lb 6oz which is, oh you do the math, if you want it in Kilos, I have drilling going on at the gable end and it's driving me absolutely daft, feels like they're coming right through my head, even with ear plugs in. So I'm typing this only half here (hear even) in a world that seems full of dentists, lurking noisily around corners, waiting to pounce, and that's just every body's nightmare. Think of your worst experience and magnify it by a thousand. That's the work going on with my crumbling gable end. That's not a medical condition or anything requiring hormones, by the way. Yet, when it stops, it's pure Heaven, and I take a look at Sophie, and that's even purer Heaven. She looks slightly miffed and blinklingly bemused, rather like a mole heaved out into daylight. This new world full of flashes and sparks and noise and movement. Whoa! Scary! We've all been through it, but who remembers the day they were born?  Anyway, I'll be delivering my own, metaphorical, baby in January. It won't be mewling or puking or doing anything remotely babyish, but still, it's my creation and will have a naming ceremony and bubbles and anything else that I can throw at it. Check out the Bloomsbury site and see the details, book your copy, wait with me, all eager, and watch me being winkled out of my comfortable little world, watch me blink.

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