Sunday 29 January 2012

hot water

So it's been a month. No hot water from tap. A whole month. The plumber came, it was a Saturday, and what a comedian. Really. No sweat. Perhaps if it had been a hot day and my water was running hot etc there might have been a few trickles. But no. The other plumber removed the wrong bit. It was white and rubbery. He should have removed the solid metal thingy. The one pointed out to me, twice, by the comedian. So he's coming back. With his mate. To do this two man job of removing a thing which is not white and rubbery (new one on order) but the metal thingy. Oh, and they're bringing a bag of sand and cement to fill in the hole. Not that they're meant to, but, hey, we've been without hot water for a month, so plumber says we've been mucked about enough.
You think??????
Be nice. Make tea. With sugar. They all take sugar.
Hey ho once more.


  1. any news on the hot water front?

    1. Yes indeedy doody. I have hot water. As from Tuesday last. It comes from the hot tap (which under the circumstances feels like a victory, somehow) and it even comes from the bath tap. And so, Alice, dear friend, I had a long, long soak, me and All Quiet on the Western Front, which is not a light read and requires complete and utter relaxation, no hopping out of a shower within five seconds of starting, no siree. Hot tub. Hot soak. Hot water. Hot Hot Hot! Whoopee!!!