Monday 2 January 2012

Alice and

My friend Alice has just eaten a chocolate covered ant. How's about that for bravery above and beyond the call! Surely deserving of an 'I've eaten a chocolate covered ant, bet you haven't' medal. She is the bravest person I know. Apart from Colin, but then he's eaten half a sheep head in a restaurant in Cyprus; tripe soup which smelt like sewage at a pow-wow in Manitoba and maggot in barbecue sauce (part of this rather odd present we were given - Christmas creepy crawlies encrusted in chocolate or salt or something) given us by a friend who is now definitely not a friend, I'll see to that...
When I discovered what I was eating, thinking it a chocolate covered coffee bean and wondering if I'd ever sleep again, I spat the whole lot out and was picking pieces of ant legs from between my teeth for what seemed like hours. At least I'm convinced they were ant legs. Crispy ones. Someone out there, who will claim to know better, is sure to tell me otherwise but I won't believe that it was just a sugar casing, which only looked like ant legs.
I told Alice my story and still she thought it would be good to try it.
Mind you, we did have ready a glass of wine, just in case it was too horrible for words, a willing hand to waft her face in case she fainted and some resuscitation equipment (erm... more wine...) because, well, you just never know do you?
As it happens, Alice did have a mouthful of wine straight after eating the ant, so perhaps it wasn't the most wonderful experience, but there was no shrieking or spitting out, no hysterics, nothing to suggest she hated the idea. So yes, pin that medal on her chest.
Not sure if she just swallowed it or crunched it though.
Let's hold that medal until this has been thoroughly investigated.


  1. if this was facebook I would press the "like" button, and also mention that I did chew on it, it was crunchy and had a taste I just can't quitre compare with anything else I've ever tried...(might have to have another one at some point)

    Honestly: if I had a choice between that and a leftover "Roses" strawberry cream, I'd go for the ant.

  2. Not even a soft centred Rose would induce me. I'd rather starve. Apropos chocolate ants, now that I know the full extent of Alice's bravery I'm inclined to name a character after her.A very brave one.

  3. Oh and of course pin on the old medal.

  4. I just drank the wine! Seen too many ants without chocolate to even contemplate crunching them.