Tuesday 31 March 2015

whoah, time's winged chariot

Seems to me that time just slips away, like someone pulling the mat from under you. Please stop and give me a breather, why don't you? Ah well, some requests are made to be left ungranted. But here I am anyway. Lots going on , very little of it to do with writing and that's OK because it's needs must and it doesn't stop my head from filling with stuff which will be consigned, sooner or later, to the page or the screen. Having said that, still writing to earn a meagre crust (let's face it, some crusts are lovely, especially with butter plastered on top) and working on the novel. Apropos that, changed the sex of the main character which has given me immense freedom. Should have done that ages ago I reckon. Living and learning. This writing lark. Still singing, by the way, squeezing in the odd gig, still thinking about new songs. Wish me luck, you canny folk, drop me a line if you feel the urge.

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