Friday 13 September 2013

Just sent my idea off for book number three. Idle  hands? Me? Never. Waiting to hear about book two but no point in twiddling thumbs. Lots happening on the music front. New album out very soon, watch this space and keep checking in to  The Celia Bryce Band Face Book Page.  I suppose, though, you're wondering about my ceiling. It fell down, if you remember, a while back. So the house was scaffolded, the leak fixed,the ceiling made good. Scaffolding came down. Because after a couple of months it begins to look untidy, birds begin to nest in it and burglars plot. But no rain to check that the leak really is fixed. But what if...? We had that wonderful summer. Not a drop of rain. Not real rain. Not rain that seeps in and wrecks things from the inside, so you don't notice for years and years. Until the ceiling falls down. But last week we had some. Last week our fixed leak was put to the water test and passed! Now we can paint fixed ceiling in the knowledge that nothing will be ruined. By the time we do that, it'll be a year since it all fell in on me. Rather like writing books, these things take time.

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