Wednesday 30 January 2013

Anthem for Jackson Dawes Book Launch

I think it may be time for me to say...can I get my people to talk to your people?...  after last night's glittering affair in Waterstone's Newcastle. I wore my button earrings and they do glitter in certain light. So I'm not exaggerating. Not really. Anyway, thanks to all who came along to the launch of my book, you Literature Lovers, Book Buyers and Lord I have a big family  sorry, Story Seekers came to squeeze into the cafe to support me and Niel Bushnell whose book Sorrowline looks fab, incidentally. The youngest to receive a signed book from me was sixteen months old, so obviously she has a little way to go yet, and a keen eight year old in hot pursuit. Lots sold to grown men who have nieces and daughters and lots to grown women.  So altogether, fab. And now the world. Well Glasgow. Very soon. So if I'm going to say can I get my people to talk to your people?...  who do I say it to please? Anyone out there? Share my glory? OK. Putting my coat on now. Switching off the lights. Glitter gone.


  1. Hello Celia, glad to hear you're doing so well reading your exciting facebook/twitter updates about readings and launches and signings. And really happy to see your blog has 3 more followers!
    I kept away from the blogosphere since before X-mas, so I hope you'll forgive me. I meant to write ages ago about how amazing I find "Anthem", how I cried when I read it, how honoured I felt when I got home from germany and found the envelope. Will do so very shortly. Very proud of you (and your people). Hugs from snowy France.

  2. Thanks Alice. It's all scarily busy right now. Lots of signings and schools and talks, but not complaining. Must get on with book two though...