Thursday 2 September 2010

waiting is a test of patience

August is now just a sigh in the wind. Hello September. I'm looking forward to a blue moon in November (they don't happen very often, next one's in 2013) and so there it is. Still publisherless. But not worrying. Not counting seconds minutes or days. Not at all. Never. Who me? Just, well, you know, I'm here. Trying to write, trying not to get a case of the blanks.

Did a writing session on the moon yesterday. Well not actually on moon (just shows you how careful we need to be when we claim things!) though it would have been nice, I'm sure. Nothing like getting into the subject, researching thoroughly. Anyway, it was with a lovely group of people who don't normally write and who gather together in a fab Day Centre which is so up for the arts it's heaven. And I've been delighted with the results of our weekly efforts so far. Thought I'd share yesterday with the ether and you. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. So it goes: 'Sweeping slowly across the sky, the moon, the moon, like a silvery eye, gazes as we kiss and sigh.' I like that. Romance was not in the air at the beginning of the session, but hey, what with the moon and all and pics and discussion and moonshine and moon dust and you saw me standing alone, blue moon, well it sort of drifted. Nothing wrong in it. Writing's like that.

So here I am drifting once again.

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