Monday 1 March 2010

what's in a title?

So my cold's better, thanks for asking... and I've been beavering away at Megan's story which used to have a very long title and now I've cut it down to size. The agent (who I so long to call My Agent but as I haven't signed anything, I won't, so he will remain nameless) thought the working title was a bit long and he's right, so I've sent him the new title which is only two words. Waiting to hear.

He seems happy, dare I say excited, about the new ideas he's managed to winkle out of me. He's such a good winkler and he's achieved this by asking umpteen questions, via email, which are mainly about what I'm trying to say in the novel - do you mean this, do you mean that, and if you do won't this happens? kind of thingy. He's had me reaching much further into my head, (which is so full of stories, that sometimes I'm slightly flaky and don't care if the world stops turning) and work it out. And I think I have.

The result is a radical restructuring, and it's so much better. It really is. And the good thing is the story itself hasn't changed. I've just changed around a few bits. I've sent Libby the first three chapters and asked her to be brutally honest and tell me what she thinks. On this blog. So watch this space folks and if you're interested in getting involved, you can reach me through my website, details to the left of the blogs.

If you want to read reviews on the beginning of the second novel, then see the comments under Jan 20. My faithful reviewers have worked hard to do this and it's been so useful.

So I'm back to work. Snappily.

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