Saturday 3 October 2009

tidy desks

My desk is growing towers and turrets. Soon it'll be a fortress. I could hide behind it all, dodge the slings and arrows. But I have shopping to do.


  1. That sounds alot like my bedroom. When i moved into my new room, i was determined to keep it tidy. No such luck! within about 2 months my desk was piled high with alot of stuff that was all basically worthless, clothes and shoes all over the floor, as if it was a high-street shop changing room, and books, DVDs and CDs all out of order, and thrown around the place, landing in the most random of places. (god only knows how my harry potter books ended up in my sock drawer!)

  2. Poor Harry Potter. I assume they'd be clean socks in there. I mean, could have been worse. Some people don't have clean socks. I'm sure my brothers never did.