Sunday 27 September 2009


I have decided on earrrings; to wear them every day without fail. I have so many. They hang from a wooden mushroom, just begging to be worn, and I have ignored them for long enough, (rather like my friends) in the writing of my first novel, in the writing of my second, and a picture book. It's been years. Yes years. Or so it seems. Apologies to friends and earrings, but those of you who can do so, please understand, please forgive and please read this. Those of you who can't or won't, well, there you go. Thank you Isabel Allende who suggested the earrings in the first place, though I can't claim that she meant the advice to come to me only. In fact, it's more than likely she doesn't know who I am. Thanks anyway.


  1. i never seem to remember to wear earrings. i have my ears pierced, but i just always forget to put them in. I'm not the kind of girl that does flash, so when i occasionaly do wear them, they're the tiniest of studs with a simple coloured stone. i see some earrings in a shop and buy them, but when i get home, i wear them once, then they get get taken out and lost forever in the mountainous heap of clothes and homework i call my bedroom.

  2. Sorry for such a long delay in answering, I've only discovered how to do this. Hmmm. Not to worry, please forgive me. Anyway, bedrooms. I remember bedroom like that. A mouldering heap of damp towels (I'm sure yours isn't like that, mine was), a compost of clothes on the chair,and my poor mother trying to instill (or was that impose)some sense of the Tidy Person into/onto the situation. If that's possible. Anyway it proved impossible, as it happens. It is only now that I crave a tidy bedroom. And yet, still the earrings go missing (or the backs of them) and end up in that little space between the wall and the skirting, or nesting in the carpet, or any number of places other than on the mushroom where they should be. So what does that say about tidiness? Or earrings,come to think of it.