Saturday 5 December 2009

testing the water

Well I've produced the first three chapters of the new novel in a small book. I'm hoping to convince a bunch of young people to read it and give me a critique. Glutton for punishment? Yes, but they're my target audience (especially boys) and if it doesn't work for them, then there'll have to be a rethink. Wish me luck.


  1. HI, i'll read it!!! I'm looking for something new to read during the hols. how can i get a copy?? :)

  2. Brilliant, just email me and I'll send it. Be honest. Don't just say, it's fab. Tell me why it's fab, explain why you say that. Equally, if it's baf (opposite of fab, new word by Celia) then you know, explain... Be honest. That's the thing. No use telling me anything without explaining it. I like explanations. And I have a thick outer shell. Nothing can hurt. Not truly, madly, deeply.