Wednesday 19 February 2014

This has been a busy time. Second novel syndrome really does exist, folks, and combating that has taken up all of my energy. Still doing all the first novel stuff, readings and signings, and still hanging on in with some of the awards whose lists it was mentioned in. That takes up quite a lot of emotional and mental energy. Disappointments are inevitable and so I bat them away like flies. No point in dwelling for too long. Only, flies can be tricksy little things. So I keep batting. Three cheers for singing, I say, for being able to write a song and perform it with my band and have people like what they hear. Three cheers for school children and teachers and librarians who invite me in to write with them and to sing with them and to stop me worrying about second novels.  Finished rough draft today, by the way. Off to my agent. Fingers crossed. Life is full of crossed fingers, don't you find? And in the scheme of things, when the south of England seems to be melting into the sea, I don't feel that my little dilemmas should even have air space, though getting them off my chest is quite nice. Welcome to the world of writing.  

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